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The Heartsease is common European wildflower also known as Johnny Jump Up. Images below were based
on an illustration by William Clarke in Mrs. Hey's botany book,Moral of Flowers.
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Heartsease -- Viola Tricolor

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Close View Of Heartsease Or Viola Tricolor Motif Heartsease Basic Drum Shape Coffee Cup And Saucer Heartsease Bread and Butter Plate - Variations Pattern Close Up Of Heartsease Motif - Variations Pattern
Heartsease Oatmeal Bowl Heartsease Collectors Club Thimble Heartsease 1995 Christmas Bell Heartsease Buffet Plate
Heartsease Ceramic Lidded Canister With Dome Lid Heartsease Shell Dish Heartsease Tuscany Vase Heartsease Cup On TiSane Set - Very Rare!
Heartsease Tall Egg Cup Heartsease Breakfast Cup And Saucer - Variations Pattern Heartsease Votive Candle Holder Heartsease Soap Dispenser Heartsease Punch Cup Heartsease Womans Day Anniversary Bell Heartsease Drum Shape Demitasse Cup And Saucer Set Heartsease 5 Inch Fruit Bowl
Heartsease Waisted Spice Jar Heartsease Tankard Mug Heartsease Stacking Ramekin Heartsease Delft Mug Heartsease Napkin Ring Heartsease Jumbo Cup And Saucer Set Heartsease Mini Basin And Ewer Heartsease Ceramic Lidded Canister With Canterbury Bells Lid
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