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The Shrubby Peony is an old variety of Paeonia. Images in our photo gallery of the Paeonia Moutan was based
on a William Clarke illustration in the 1835 antique botany book Moral of Flowers by Mrs. Hey.
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Shrubby Peony -- Paeonia Moutan

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Close View - Shrubby Motif Peony Dinner Plate Shrubby Peony Dinner Plate - Variations Pattern Shrubby Motif - Variations Pattern
Double Peony 11 Inch Platter Peony Small Bath Jar Peony 11 Inch Salad Bowl Peony 13 Inch Platter
Peony Side Of Soup Tureen Peony 15 Inch Platter Peony 9 Inch Number 1 Store Crock Peony Rectangular Tablemat - Variations Pattern
Peony Rare Miniature Enamel Coffee Pot Trinket Box Peony Wooden Bath Tray Peony Cotton Tea Cozy Peony 9 Inch Serif Vase Peony 9 Inch Round Melamine Tablemat Peony 20oz Jumbo Cup Peony Tea Towel - Variations Pattern Peony Six Side Trinket Box
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